In the wake of recent news about the Covid-19 virus and the confusion of what it will bring in the coming days, weeks or even months, it’s important to do whatever you can to keep your company afloat.

We understand that when the numbers on your reports go south, it’s a frustrating time, but that doesn’t mean you should sit back and wait for things to blow over.

Let’s look at some ways you can set your brand up for success during this period of business (and personal) adversity, and how you can properly plan ahead, should anything like this ever happen again.

Website Content Review

As the old saying goes “There’s always room for improvement.”

If your website looks a little outdated or overlooked, spend a couple of hours reviewing it and thinking about how you can build on what’s there or maybe suggest a complete website revamp (just like we’re doing right now).

If a full redesign of the website is not within your budget right now, there are still minor improvements which you can make that can lead to impressive results;

Research your competitors
Look at what others are doing to position themselves in the market and see how your own company can represent that. This doesn’t mean copying exactly what they do but hey, if they’re doing something that works, why don’t you put your own twist on it and give it a go?

Revisit your written content
If your website is already a couple of years old, you may find some of the copy out of date. Copying and pasting text from your website into a word doc and making your edit there is a fast way to do so.

If you’d like a pro to do it you can check out our SEO Services, or contact us now.

Website Visual Review

Website layout

To do a quick review of your own site, ask yourself the following questions:
a) Is my website still appealing to the public?
b) Has my audience increased from the time of its first design?
c) Is my site user-friendly?
d) Are there any broken links which need to be fixed?
e) Is the call for action prominent and attracting your attention, and do visitors know what to do when they visit your site?

Update your images
Updating your photos can be as successful as a new coat of paint – at minimal expense, they offer a fresh new look. If you have a camera available, use this opportunity to take some new shots. If not, you can search through a multitude of free photo libraries online. If you find the photos you want, email them to us so we can edit and upload them for you!

If you’d like a pro to do it you can check out our Graphic/Web Design Services, or contact us now.

Continue Marketing Your Brand

Don’t let your brand hide under the radar during all this chaos.

During this delicate time, it is important to tread carefully with what you say, but you can also use it to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to communicate and empathise with your customers on a more personal level – let them know that you care and that we’re all in this together!

Write a new blog post (or several)
Yeah, we’re always banging on about the value of a blog on your website, but only because it’s a perfect way to develop your brand! Remember you don’t have to publish them all at once, use the function of the schedule post to drip them once a day, week or month- whatever you can do.

Be active on social media
Have you ever put a show on Netflix to simultaneously at the same time scroll through your phone? We all know its not the healthiest of habits, but with many people maintaining social distance and self-isolation, most are searching for ways to battle loneliness, so it’s time to be front and centre now. To lighten the mood, try posting a motivational quote or something amusing.

Touch base with your customers
It’s a well known fact about the weather is the best way to initiate conversation with a stranger. Well now we all have another convo starter- Covid-19. Check in with your clients to see how they’re coming with it and if there’s something you can do to help them (they would just enjoy having someone else to talk to other than their pets.)

If you’d like a pro to do it you can check out our Social Media Management Services, or contact us now.

Try To Stay Inspired

Take time to read, listen to podcasts or watch some motivational YouTube business videos and start preparing for the future. Get imaginative and brainstorm a whole host of new ideas when stuff like that come up again;

  • New product launches
  • Download tools
  • Ways you can develop your services
  • Ways you can impress you audience
  • How to start and online course

All of this will pass in time and things will return to normal and when it does, it will be the brand that stands out from the hundreds of others who are battling for recognition.

Take a step back, see where the cracks are and strengthen up the brand so it won’t be as difficult when there’s a ‘next time.’
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