It is important to know how your website works before you create your own website or make it public.

We will now go through a few important terms to get you started on this topic.

-A website is simply a combination of web pages that are created with code that specifies the content, layout, and format of the pages.

– A web server or network server is the server responsible for the publication of a website on the Internet. We can explain this more simply as hosting you need to rent for your website to be published.

– The browser connects your computer to the server via an IP address. The IP address is obtained by dialing the domain name. (Don’t worry, this section is done automatically by your browser, so you don’t have to search for IP addresses yourself.) In other words, the 3 important details you will need to view your website on the Internet are as follows;

– Website

– Domain name 

– Server


The website is usually a collection of web pages, images and other items that are linked together to create a larger, structured document. A website can consist of a single page or thousands of pages. Each page will have its own text, images, and other elements. All web pages and items are then placed in a folder and stored on your web hosting server. Each web page is written with codes and these codes define the layout, format and content on the page. The most common coding language used to create a web page is HTML.


Creating a Website

When creating a website is also important to know the code, it may require professionalism. However, today, the obligation to know code to create a website is eliminated. A little technical skills and knowledge are of course required.

Technology is progressing so enormously that many website creators have emerged to create highly functional and professional looking websites. The creators of this website argue that there is no need for technical skills, but we definitely agree that technical skills and knowledge are required. However, this type of website is a good technique for those who do not know creative sites and want to take care of their own design. There is nothing you need to install, just online based, nothing you need to download. Open your web browser, type in the website builder’s URL, sign in and start building your website.


Of course, something stylish will emerge, however, there will be differences between the websites set up with such websites and of course the websites that professionals will have set up.