We know this might sound like a weird question to ask, after all it’s not like we’re living in a villain-filled Gotham City that needs to be rescued.

When the question is raised “Can web designers save the world?” 

Here is how we look at it:
Superhero’s do not exist in real life and there’s no chance a single person on this planet can ‘save’ the world – web designer or anything else. But hero’s fighting small battles which add up to humanity’s bigger wins? They definitely do exist and together web designers have the potential to help shape and change the world in this way.


How Can Web Designers Save the World? 

From people around us we see it all the time: people who routinely donate blood volunteers who after natural disasters repair homes and cities; households who practice sustainability by recycling and composting. These may seem like small acts of kindness on an individual level, but when you bring together the actions of everybody, there’s a lot of good doing for the world.

Web-designers may also make their own contributions. 

  • Work for Customers Doing Good.

We know, being picky with who you’re working with can be hard. But when you hit a point in your revenue stream is stable and you feel confident to say “no” to customers who aren’t a good match, you may want to factor this into.

In other terms, instead of saying “yes” because a company can afford your prices, they are creating websites for companies that:

-Have environmental initiatives

-Help their local communities

-Take good care of their staff

-Create goods that make the world a better place

And so on…

Through creating websites for these businesses, you can allow them to transmit their positive messages and missions far and wide.


  • Open Concept Websites
    It is not just the World Wide Web Consortium that supports a “internet for all.” Accessibility is an inherent human right which governments must now take steps to protect.


You have a critical role to play in that as a web designer. If you are not yet in the habit of making your websites available, the time to start today is as good as any one.

Bear in mind that it is not just about making it convenient for people with impairments to access or view a website

Accessibility requires having it, so that everybody can have fair access to a website. Creating a progressive web app, for example, will allow a company to get its website into people’s hands in developing parts of the world that would not always have easy or secure internet access.

So, don’t forget to think outside the box for accessible solutions.

  • Practice Ethical Web Design

The internet has done a great deal of good for this planet, but as we become more closely attached to it and our computers, consumers have stated experiencing a slew of negative side effects.

While you don’t want to hold people off the web or the companies and services they need, you can make smarter choices on how to build experiences online for them. Namely, to promote healthy online practises, you can use ethical design tools and techniques.

For instance, many apps now come with daily reminders.

However, though this approach wouldn’t work for a website, by reducing the amount of push alerts or emails sent from your site, you might try to achieve something similar. You use these elements to encourage re-engagement with your website, so by reducing how many or how frequently they go out, you can keep users from aggravating their addiction to the web or their smartphones.

Wrap Up

Would you be able to save the world as one Web designer? Oh certainly not But our work has certainly gone alongside other web designers.

Only note that it’s not just about cleaning up the atmosphere or locking out criminals to save the environment. The people you want to work with, the design strategies that you use and the types of websites that you bring into the world will also have an influence.