In this blog, we want to talk about 4 different graphic design programs that you can easily use. Firstly, let’s talk about why graphic design is important, the effects of design on social media to your customers and the importance of your website. 

The internet, social media and all kinds of digital media have started to take their place in our lives. Small budget, large budget, all kinds of companies now run their business on social media and promote their products and services in this way. Of course, if you want to work professionally, you need to work with a competent designer or advertising agency. However, with the programs on the list, which we will talk about a little bit later, anyone who has a taste of design, who is atleast a little accustomed to the digital environment, and who wants to prepare a design with a low budget can easily create graphic designs that reflect their own taste. Graphic design is very important for your website and social media accounts. With your designs, you can increase your customer loyalty as well as reach more customers and increase your sales. So why not make these designs yourself with easy to use programs? For example, you can celebrate your followers’ special days, promote your products or services, or make the background of your images more appealing to the eye.

So let’s now have a chat about these easy graphic design programs that I have compiled and a few programs that will be useful in preparing your designs. 


  1. Color Picker

Yes, there is Color Picker at the top of our list. You can easily create your dream color in this program, which is very useful for designers who want to create their own color. The Color Picker program, which has a very wide color scale, is very easy to use. With the help of arrows, you can choose many colors and play on them. Remember, you can use these colors later in other programs.


  1. Noun Project

Icons are the ‘must haves’ of a design. The purpose of using icons is to try to explain briefly with a visual what you need to tell. The main purpose of using the internet is to save time. Nobody will take a long look at what we write. In this case, the icons will be of great help to you. With this program, you can access more than 150,000 icons. It is very comfortable to use, just search for the icon style you want and use it on your website and graphic designs with peace of mind!


  1. Pixlr

Pixlr is a very common photo editing program you may have heard before. It is a program prepared mostly for amateurs rather than professionals. Our main goal is to give beginners a few ideas. Pixlr is one of the most popular programs, you will definitely not regret using it. These programs, which have hundreds of effects, can create the effects of your products in the same way and give your designs a very stylish layout together. We are sure that you can use it easily with its colorful interface!


  1. Adobe Photoshop

Lastly, let’s talk about Adobe Photoshop, one of the well known programs out there. Of course, a little technical knowledge is required to use Adobe Photoshop. However, there are many videos and articles that you can easily access for this technical information. If you take a little time and get the technical knowledge, there is no design you can’t do with Adobe Photoshop! Adobe Photoshop is also used by our designers. They of course do this job professionally. However, we are sure that you can use it in a simpler way. A program that can help you prepare your designs in many areas such as changing colors, effects, copying products, shading, visual editing, destroying, erasing.


Finally, with all these programs and auxiliary resources we have mentioned, you can beautify their designs, attract your customers and increase your sales. You can contact us for any help!