Social media has now become an essential part of all lives; both inside and outside your workplace! It may be inconvenient, frightening, time-consuming and a bit addictive. But if there is something for sure it can be a powerful tool and can be very helpful and profitable for your business if it is used correctly.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of social media, without letting your other daily activities interfere.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is important! Yes, we talk about posting regularly, but it is also important to be consistent with how your social profiles look. It could be an approach or method for taking pictures or creating a subject that runs across your page. This is an extension of your visual identity and people will associate your brand with the theme or method. Of course, it is important to make sure you don’t post the same thing every week, but having this style can save you time, not only keep the stuff consistent.

The first glance

Think of your bio as a tiny landing page; when people visit your site, this is the first thing they see. You need to clarify who you are, what you are doing and where they can find the information you are providing. If you want to keep people on your website, you will provide them the knowledge they need. It’s a huge social universe out of here. It’s an incredible place to have fun too – throw around those emojis! 

 Even if your image is perfect, very few people would stick to your picture for longer than they can, if it is flat and dull. Don’t risk your audience; at the first glance, blast them away!

Think different, think Bigg!

Nowadays there are a variety of applications for scheduling! This is vital to engage material, but time can also be valuable. Except for a globally recognised brand, each time your followers unlock their phones, you can’t expect to actively search for your social profile. How do you ensure you get as many viewers as possible of your content? Try to put yourself in the shoes and think about when they should go online. This may be a popular lunchtime for people in your area / business or at night when some people get away from work and relax with a social binge.

But, why do you need Bigg!?

Now I know what you think – why would I pay someone else to post something I understand possibly better than they do? Trust Bigg!, It’s more than just engaging material and impeccable schedules, it’s making sure you have the followers / leaders, and it’s more than just holding them off! However, the previous tips are a wise investment for your company with the support of a specialist.

Would you like to learn how Bigg can include your marketing strategies in your website? We will get fantastic social media experts in contact with you, who can help with social management!

Some information we will require before we start to build your empire/website! 

Tell us about your business.  In order to help us offer our clients the same perspective that you provided, you may provide us with a better insight into what you are doing and the services you provide. It is crucial that viewers know who you are and what you do when they land on your website.

Your brand name is an essential part of your business, and this should be taken into consideration on your web! Don’t worry if you can’t, we will build for you a spectacular logo that captures the attention of the public. 

Some customers come to us with an existing website that they want us to update or change. Some approach us with a brand-new fresh concept. We can support you here at Bigg Digital! We’ve covered you, from simple, but successful, changes to a full overview on your current website pages.

A simple domain name that suits your brand name will reinforce and promote your identity with your audience. Don’t have one?  We can also support you.

You may look online to see what your rivals are up to. Take note of what’s not working and see what works for you! Such knowledge may be useful. Of course, we can do this too, but no one understands your business like you do. We will work with you on this matter, but with an overview of the pages that you want to see on your website, a more detailed offer will help us.

Are you curious about how much of this project you can spend? Why not contact us today to search all the packages we supply! From easy landing pages to more complicated websites with all the trimmings, we can do anything. We can do all this.

Let’s talk about expanding your brand!

It doesn’t have to be difficult to build an effective marketing campaign for your  company. There are simple ways to build a brilliant marketing plan to help your brand expand.

Here are our top tips for developing your marketing plan if you are involved in a steady stream of customers and prospects.

The best way to make quick profits for designers is to welcome all the customers through the gates. It’s straightforward, right? You just wonder, and you’re working on the plan. It may sound easy, but not all designers are a bunch of all trades and not all are approached by a group of potential customers.

Designers for sectors are known to create excellent work. You will save time and money and focus on what you are working on by focusing in an industry. Within this place, you can build up your credibility and probably grow your customer base more than if you spread your net.

You can actually optimise workflows, increase efficiency and give your customers high-quality insights by concentrating on a particular niche. So, how are you going to pick a niche?

What kind of production job do you love? Talk about sustainability What kind of companies do you normally have?

You must develop your own online portfolio if you want to build your brand and become a famous designer worldwide. Enter more than pictures of your work – ensure all the elements of a good portfolio are included.

All your research should be posted online. When they ask your questions about working with you, most prospective clients would ask this. You must note that it doesn’t mean anything to give them a diploma or certificates. More than anything else, most customers want results.

(There are a lot of fantastic courses for designers, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be upscaled.)

Seek to make sure it shows your skills as varied as possible in your online portfolio.

Build a network; Here are two good ways to develop a network: attend conferences and engage in online conversation The first thing you can do is to meet as many people as possible if you are a designer and want to build a network. Speak to someone while you’re at an event and try to show your expertise and abilities while you’re chatting online.

While building a network, the most important thing is to think outside the box and seek to show your expertise by selling your services. Only let new people know about you and your skills and note that you have a design agency or that you provide design services.

Create a partnership rather than a one-time transaction. Seek to find a new contact as a person and if they need your services, they will search you. They’ll speak to their friends, family members, colleagues and more if they meet someone who is looking for design services.

You will need a powerful first impression, especially online, if you want to flourish your design brand. Many of your potential customers are available online and you just might target people in your area.

Make sure your digital presence is all-round until you declare that you are a designer or begin offering your services. Below are some of the things you will prepare: Make sure your website is amazing and navigable. This will display all your great work so that the quality of services your company can easily be seen by potential customers.

You need to look at all-in – one marketing tools. They help you develop your online presence and ensure your customers can see your services easily when they need them.

Most designers dislike competitions because they don’t want to miss out. Enter contests If they don’t win a contest, some designers lose faith. You must be positive and still see mistakes as a way of living and developing yourself.

In fact, entering design competitions is for you a win – win situation. If you lose, you can get better and have more experience with real design problems-in addition, you can add your entry to your online portfolio. You get the award and make it available to you on your site if you win.

Bear in mind that winning contest designs will teach you a lot about your design skills. Even if it’s not all the competition money, it’s a decent beginning to make the reputation a decent one.

Forums should always be one of the top priorities when it comes to design, as it is where fellow designers share ideas. There are forums specifically built for this purpose, from which you can learn and exchange ideas.

There are also sites where you can find other customers. These people essentially go through forums to find a good designer.

You may also take part in other fora to show your knowledge and skills. You may begin a design survey or simply answer the questions you have. Don’t forget to add a signature to the bottom of your website to ensure that your contact details are available. If yes, please.

There are so many different ways to highlight your work and you only have to use these ways to ensure that potential clients can access your designs. It’s important to start developing a marketing strategy. Define what your job is, what you want it to do and how you will do it. Social media is primarily your future customers. Typically they find designers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can begin by using social media sites if you want to expose your designs to the world.

You want to find a way to get potential customers ‘attention easily? One of the simplest ways of doing so is to update and improve current designs. Most companies also have their own designs and logo. This will take a lot of effort. They won’t change them easily, but that doesn’t leave them vulnerable to other possibilities, such as new campaigns needing design work.

You will illustrate your expertise by redesigning them and tell the prospects what it takes to plan their potential campaigns.

Engage Design Influencers You will have many idols when it comes to design, when you are still new in the design industry and start your career from scratch. You can only share your work and the work and thoughts of your new colleagues on their projects.

This is a good beginning to create your work, because no one would recognise you at the beginning. Create it small daily and someone will note your experience and skills.

Providing a freebie can also be a successful practice for developing your career in design. You can start with by asking your communities to share your post if you already have social media accounts for your design agency.

You can tell them that you will give someone a free design if a certain post manages to hit certain shares or likes. It is just an easy trick to get more information online.

If you get a lot of likes, you’ll probably get more followers and your brand is better known. If you want them on your post and website.