IT Support : Information technology (IT) support, also referred to simply as technical support, is a service that offers assistance to a person or a corporation with problems related to computer technology.

Businesses, particularly small businesses, may not have the money, resources or space to run their own dedicated IT support department, so instead they can ‘outsource’ their IT support work to a specialist company. That’s exactly where Bigg Digital comes to help your growing Business!

It is worth testing how outsourced IT assistance will work for your company regardless of the requirements. Bigg Digital is always here to help.

Server support : If you are running Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange or Small Business Server on-site, off-site or web-based, you might be looking for a fast response and resolution time. Our Web server support team will help you accomplish this and more! We help many on-site, off-site or web-based servers using the latest monitoring technologies to ensure that not only is the server up-to-date completely supported, but also maximised. We have qualified professionals at our disposal to provide expert technical advice, rapid response and high-quality IT server support for your valuable investments. We are proud of the solutions that make your IT investment work for business rather than your business being held back by IT systems and servers that need to be constantly resolved.